Who you gonna call? HeatSeekers

Tuesday 30th November 2010

As temperatures plummet, plans of trying to save on our heating bills this winter are likely to go straight out of the window as we take the easy option of turning our thermostats up a notch. However, clever thermal imaging by HeatSeekers could be just what we need to stay warm, preserve our bank balances and look after the environment.

HeatSeekers’ specially-equipped thermal imaging vans can be spotted surveying streets from Aberdeen to Ashford this winter. And, working in partnership with national energy-saving installation company Mark Group, they could soon be coming to a street near you.

The HeatSeeker teams can capture up to 1,000 images of properties every hour to show where heat is being lost. These are then shown to homeowners so they can see how they might benefit from improved insulation.

Working with the permission of local authorities across the UK, Energy Saving Partnership, the company behind HeatSeekers, will have up to seven thermal imaging vehicles out on the road at any one time, looking for homes which are literally leaking heat.

Keith Hewitson, Energy Saving Partnership Director, said: “Many homeowners will have no idea whether or not heat is escaping from their property. But, by showing them a thermal image of their home, residents can easily see how efficient it is, and how much money they might be wasting on their heating bills.”

Once images have been captured, HeatSeekers works with Mark Group to provide homeowners with a straightforward solution to insulating their home to the required level.

Keith continued: “Over the last two years, our thermal images have identified well over a million households throughout England, Scotland and Wales which could benefit from improved home insulation. And, with the potential of reducing annual heating bills by an average of £124, HeatSeekers can help homeowners save money and the environment.”

If you would like to find out if the HeatSeekers teams are planning to visit your area soon, get in touch