Leicester-based thermal imaging business goes global

Thursday 27th October 2011

Over the past two years, thermal imaging cameras operating through HeatSeeker’s fleet of specially-equipped vehicles have securely gathered 2.2million images of residential properties throughout Britain, identifying those which are losing excessive amounts of heat*. Through this programme, over 45,000 cavity wall and loft insulation measures either have been, or are due to be installed, saving a collective £5.3million in energy bills and 28,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

At today’s launch, ‘The HeatSeeker’ as it is being called in the U.S., was welcomed by Philadelphia City Mayor, Michael Nutter to a crowd of local residents, business partners and school children – all of whom were eager to take a take a ride in the vehicle to see just how the thermal imaging technology works.

Commenting on the event, Mark Group President of International Operations, Chris Brazendale, said: “After launching HeatSeekers in the UK two years ago, winning an award for its innovation and witnessing the valued contribution it has made to our energy saving installation business, I was proud to see it welcomed into the North American community today.

“We launched our U.S. operation in Philadelphia in October 2010 and since then have gone from strength to strength. Our insulation business is booming, we are now offering solar technology to homeowners and with The HeatSeeker program now up and running, we hope to spread the word even further about the benefits of investing in home energy efficiency.”

Mark Group plans for The HeatSeeker program to be rolled out across the Greater Philadelphia area during the coming winter months, helping individual homeowners to live in warmer, more comfortable homes and potentially save hundreds of dollars every year on their energy bills.

Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter added: “Mark Group is committed to helping people all over the world find energy saving solutions. I am excited that they are bringing The HeatSeeker program to the City of Philadelphia.”

For further information about HeatSeekers in the UK, visit http://www.markgroup.co.uk/heatseekers

*HeatSeeker vehicles operate in the evenings and with the agreement of Local Authorities. The thermal imaging cameras cannot see through walls or windows and people cannot be identified from the images captured. Images are encrypted and used solely for the purpose of helping to improve home insulation.