Coming soon to a road near you...

Wednesday 26th November 2008

HeatSeekers vehicles hit the road with insulation targets in their sights

A revolutionary new energy efficiency detecting system delivered by a fleet of bespoke vehicles is set to hit the road in Restormel.

The unique new HeatSeekers vehicle – developed and mobilised by the Energy Saving Partnership – has the ability to assess over 1,000 properties an hour by automatically detecting and determining the insulation condition of a property. Operating at night, during the heating season, the thermal-imaging technology inside a specially adapted vehicle determines the address of each property and produces an energy efficiency verdict which is attached to a thermal image.

Once the property has been scanned, a dedicated team of Energy Advisers will visit householders to show them the thermal image scan of their homes. The advisers will explain the results and how the householder can take action to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

The project in Restormel has been commissioned by Restormel Borough Council, to improve energy efficiency measures in homes throughout the borough. It is being run by Redruth-based Coastline Services, in partnership with The Mark Group, who successfully won the tender to carry out the installations.

Councillor Fred Greenslade Restormel Borough Council portfolio holder for the environment, explains: “We are delighted to be able to offer this much needed assistance to the residents of Restormel Borough. With fuel prices escalating and winter rapidly approaching there is no better time to help residents insulate their homes. The benefits of the scheme are wide ranging – not only reducing fuel poverty and CO2 emission levels but bringing much needed business to Restormel at a time when many are facing financial difficulty”

For those householders who would like to take up the offer of improved insulation, energy saving grants of between 50% and 100% are available to help with payment, dependent on individual circumstances.

Keith Hewitson, Director of the Energy Saving Partnership said: “The HeatSeekers thermal imaging vehicle has already created quite a buzz in the sector and we are delighted to see it in action.

“It’s a revolutionary, cutting edge piece of kit which we decided to register a patent on.

“The technology inside the vehicle has the capacity to provide illuminating energy efficiency data on millions of homes across the country. Given the volume of data it can collate, we see the Heatseeker vehicle as one of the key front-line weapons in the battle against climate change and playing an integral role in the plans to make UK homes more energy efficient.”

The HeatSeekers vehicle will be out on the road surveying homes in the Restormel area during December and January.

Ken Govier, Managing Director of Coastline Services, adds: “Coastline Services is delighted to be leading on an initiative that will have such a positive impact on the environment and the lives of local people. We hope Restormel householders will take this opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their home while it’s available.”