What is HeatSeekers?

The HeatSeekers team, works with a number of Local Authorities and communities using thermal imaging technology to identify homes that may benefit from improved insulation. Our specially equipped vehicles take thermal images of homes during evenings in the winter months to identify those homes showing heat loss through poorly insulated walls and lofts

How can we help you reduce your bills?

Insulation is recognised to be one of the best ways of improving energy effciency in your home. It's great value for money and you'll enjoy the benefts immediately.

Why HeatSeekers is unique?

What's the process?

Why install home insulation?

Photo of cavity wall insulation being installed

Cavity Wall Insulation

Homes without wall insulation can lose up to 35% of their heat. Installing cavity wall insulation is not only effective, it’s also quick to install and is done with minimum mess and disruption.

  • Insulating the cavity between the walls could save you up to *£115 per year.
  • Saves around *610kgs CO2 per year
Photo of loft insulation being installed

Loft Insulation

If you don’t have the correct depth of loft insulation then you could be losing as much 25% of your home’s heat through the roof. Current guidelines recommend you have between 250mm and 270mm (10” to 11”) of insulation installed.

  • Insulating your loft could save you up to *£150 per year (dependant on existing levels of insulation).
  • Saves around *800kgs of CO2 per year
British Board of Agrément - Approved Installer #1131 National Insulation Association The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

All our contractors are members of the National Insulation Association (NIA), registered with the Cavity Wall Insulation Agency (CIGA) and approved contractors by the British Board of Agreement (BBA).

* Source: Energy Saving Trust.